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Logic's Gate Documentation

The Logic's Gate morphs can be found in the Objects browser, under Logic. 

Objects tool

It is recommended that you create your logic circuits within a Playfield. This can be found within the Presentation category in the objects tool above. Create a new playfield, then simply drag new gates on to this field. To connect these gates, drag logic wires onto the play field. Connect the inputs first, then the outputs. This is an important detail, as inputs must be connected before outputs for them to work correctly.  To set the state of an input, mouse over the Input and press 't' for True or 'f' for False. You may need to click on the Input before it will accept keystrokes


Step 1) Create a new playfield by dragging one out of the Presentation category of the Objects browser
(I like to turn gridding on via the Halo menus)



Step 2) Drag the desired logic gates from the Objects tool on to the new playfield

Gates on the playfield

Step 3) Connect the gates with Logic Wire. Drag the logic wire from the Objects browser onto the playfield . Connect the wire inputs first, then the wire outputs.


Connect step 1

Connect step 2
Connection complete

4) Once all  gates are connected, you may set the states of inputs to see how the state propagates through the circuit. For example, in the circuit above, both inputs must be true before the output (State) of the AND gate is true.

4a: Here, one input is true(Colored green), the other false(Colored white), hence the AND gate state is false.
State 1
4b: Here, both inputs are true(Colored green), hence the AND gate state is true.
state 2
You may attach as many inputs to AND & OR gates as you like. Please note that attaching a new input does not immedietely set the state of the output, you must mouse over and press either t or f for that input to send its state and affect the state of gates down stream.

4c: An AND gate with 3 inputs:
3and state 1
4d: All three inputs true, AND gates is now true

3 and state 2

You may connect the outputs from any gate to the input of any other gate. For example, take the output from the above logic circuit and combine it into another AND gate circuit:

Multigate false

Multigate true